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People Problems Are Business Problems.

If your business is growing, you’ve got people problems. But, your people are not your problem; your people problems are your problem. That’s not just semantics, that’s the truth.

Every growing business has people problems they need to solve, including:

  • Motivation
  • Turnover
  • Employee Engagement
  • Unhealthy Conflict
  • Poor Decision-making
  • Low Sense of Ownership
  • …and the list can go on and on

Left unchecked, people problems don’t just go away – they get worse.

This causes more headaches and heartache for you, and eventually sabotages your success. If you’re ready to get rid of your people problems without getting rid of your people, we’re here to help. At StrongLead, we know how to shrink your people problems by growing your people.

How We Help

StrongLead offers a suite of services aimed at helping you grow great people – leaders, teams, and a company culture that achieves business success without the pain of people problems.

1. Face The Challenge

It’s tempting to ignore your people problems in hopes they’ll go away. They won’t. We help you assess your needs, develop a plan, and get to work.

2. Grow Your People

We’re really good at this. We apply coaching, training, and team development where you need it most.

3. Shrink Your Problems

As your people grow, your problems shrink, and your business will succeed in terms of both profits and prosperity.

Schedule Your Free 90-minute Consultation

Shrinking your people problems starts with a free 90-minute consultation.

This session is NOT a sales call – it’s a chance for you to get a fresh perspective on your business. We’ll help you step back and see your business with new eyes. You’ll walk away with new insights about what’s working in your business and what needs to be addressed. Whether you choose to work with StrongLead or not, this will be a valuable experience, and it will only cost you 90 minutes of your time.

Our Partners

What Our Clients Experience

StrongLead has had a profound impact on me through my monthly coaching sessions with Bruce and the development program I participated in. The StrongLead team is good at what they do and are genuinely good leaders. I can't say enough good things about this experience and highly recommend it to current/aspiring leaders.

Dr. Aron Gabriel Assistant Superintendent, Newton Conover Schools

StrongLead offered different perspectives and created a challenging atmosphere for critical thinking where every class left me re-energized with good applications to take back to my workplace. Bruce Schronce is a great coach with a bank of knowledge and personal experiences.

Sam Gibbs Operations Manager HSM Solutions

Get Your FREE People Analyzer

No matter the size of your business, your people both FUEL and FRUSTRATE your business success.

Use our FREE 7-minute People Analyzer to get a quick and accurate snapshot of the ways your people are contributing to your success and the ways they might be getting in the way.

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