True Hope

Posted April 23, 2020

True hope and confidence are two sides of the same coin. Real and true hope is something that inspires us to look forward, move out of our comfort zones and anticipate what’s to come above what we currently have or are going through. Not hating or despising what we currently possess or are experiencing but using it as a stepping-stone to the object of our true hope. It gives us strength, courage and an ability to see where we have not yet arrived.

Desperate hope is born out of the unhealthy. Fear of what is going on . . . “I hope this stops some-day”. Discomfort in our current situation . . . “I hope this pain goes away”. Or, Anger towards someone or thing . . . “I hope they hurt as bad as I do”. That hope robs and steals us of our joy and purpose.

We become so distracted with leaving what is going on that we cease to live out our passions and dreams. This cruel reality can be thrust upon by someone who is abusing us and taking away our ability to dream of better things. We desire more to escape that we do to arrive. And this is completely understandable, when it’s someone else’s doing.

What is sad is when we put ourselves in those unhealthy situations that rob us of true hope. We pollute our souls with unhealthy living, surroundings and people. No one has captured us; we have imprisoned ourselves and “hope” to someday be rid of the misery we’ve placed ourselves in.

True hope has a gaze into the future that puts breath in your lungs and fire in your eyes. It’s that goal you are living for, that relationship you long for or experience you’ve dreamt of. My encouragement, and my hope for you is that you would live your life in such a way that you would rid yourselves of the unhealthy and oppressive influences and dream of the life you were created to live. But not just dream, pursue!

Hope doesn’t run from the hard work and discipline required to learn, grow and experience. It’s the wind in our sails to make it happen. The motivation and inspiration that keeps us moving forward while fully living in our today. And make no mistake living life well in an effort that is beyond huge and it will be filled with pain and struggle, but in that pain and struggle we’ll experience the blessing of seeing our hope realized when we live it well.

A simple blog is too short to truly express all that is involved but think of a significant relationship. When I met my wife to be, I wanted to marry her. My goal wasn’t to attend a ceremony with her and form a legal bond. My goal was to have that relationship so that we could experience life together.

On one hand the wedding was a smaller goal but the greater one was to live my life with her. It’s been hard to do, with lots of challenges but the goal of experiencing life together has been realized because we’ve lived in hope! Pressing on today to build a better tomorrow. Not just for ourselves but for those we love and lead.

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