Since 2018, StrongLead has helped local businesses fill over 120 jobs with qualified, eager, and capable workers from Puerto Rico. We did this by partnering with universities, churches, and government agencies in Puerto Rico to find talented individuals who were eager to move to Catawba County in pursuit of the opportunities here. In 2020, our goal is to use this “bridge with Puerto Rico” to fill op to 200 local jobs in manufacturing, healthcare, education, administration, and construction.

The Challenge

The workforce in Catawba County is not keeping up with the demands of our growing economy. Recent reports estimate nearly 4,000 unfilled jobs in our local community.

The Solution

If your company/organization is hiring, here are some key elements of this initiative to help you know if it’s a good fit for your hiring plans:

Next Step

Consultations are free. To discover if NC Puente is a good fit for your company, contact us via email at or by phone/text at (828) 234-8378