CVCC Next Level Leaders

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Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond is certified by the International Coaching Federation at the associate certified coach (ACC) level with over 425 hours of coaching. He provides professional, performance, and life coaching that focuses on values clarification, relational systems, goal-setting, and decision-making. Chris serves at the U.S. Geological Survey as both the head of its Office of Tribal Relations and the manager of a program that provides volunteer opportunities for students with disabilities (ages 18-22) in support of their educational and professional goals.

Susan Borgstrom

Susan Borgstrom has invested 30 years in facilitating personal and spiritual development in clients, integrating self-awareness, meaning/purpose, and positive relationships. Her early fascination with understanding human behavior, growth, and  positive psychology led her to a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a certificate in  Art Therapy. She built upon this foundation with certification with the International  Coach Federation and continues to expand her practice in areas including Brain  Dynamics, Coaching Teams, and Transitional and Transformational Coaching.

Weston Bryant

Weston Bryant, Certified Transformational Coach is an author and host of the Commission Leadership Podcast. His passion is to serve the church and reverse the trend of pastoral burnout. He believes we are each meant to flourish in life and he coaches leaders through a simple framework: Live Courageously. Build Strong Teams. Multiply Your Impact. He is an avid Chicago sports fan and is optimistic that the Bears will find a franchise quarterback in someone‚Äôs lifetime. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two year old son (and baby Bryant due January 2022).